7 of the weirdest US laws

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According to section 41-60 of Code 1965, it is deemed unlawful to use, sell, or give away stink balls or funk balls as gifts (or anything like it) that intentionally create a bad odor that will discomfort people in contact with it.


In accordance with section 18-54 of Code of Ordinances, it is unlawful to honk your car horn near shops where cold drinks or sandwiches are sold after 9:00 in the evening.


Under section 198-23 of Rehoboth Beach Code, it is considered illegal to whisper in a church because it is deemed as a disturbance to the act of peaceful worship.


Based on section 04.16.030 of the Alaska Statutes, being drunk in a bar is strictly prohibited. The police are enforcing such a prohibition to tame the state population’s general alcohol problems.


Section 9.60.030 of Chico’s Municipal Code holds that building, maintaining, or using a nuclear weapon in Chico, California is illegal. In addition to self-annihilation, there is also a $500-fine for offenders.


A pickle must bounce in order for it to legally be considered a pickle. In a 1948 article concerning the arrest of Pickle packers Sidney Sparer and Moses Dexler for selling pickles unfit for human consumption. This led Connecticut’s Food and Drug Commissioner at the time proclaimed that a real pickle “should bounce” when dropped from the height of one foot.


“Finger-lickin” is mandatory in eating chicken in the world’s poultry capital. This came about in a 1961 law added as a publicity stunt in its city code.

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